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Chewing gum removal for Cowley County and the Wichita area.


Discarded chewing gum is everywhere. Have you noticed a substantial amount of discarded chewing gum on walkways around your place of business? Discarded chewing gum can pose health hazards as well as discouraging customers from your place of business.


Discarded chewing gum can retain bacteria for decades. It can be tracked into your place of business and can cause damage to carpet and flooring as well as pose a health threat to youngsters that may touch the floor or sidewalks.


Chewing gum litter in and around schools pose an even greater health risk to students and faculty. In and around restaurants, discarded chewing gum all over the pavement can turn customers in the other direction.


There is a solution; we are "The Guminators".  We offer professional commercial chewing gum removal services to institutions, schools, gas stations, city, county and state properties, stores, and anywhere that discarded chewing gum is a problem.


We have made a substantial investment in cutting edge equipment and technology used for removing discarded chewing in the industry today. We can remove the most stubborn old gum wads from concrete, carpeting, tile, and composite flooring.


Look around, notice the chewing gum mess and then imagine it gone!








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